loquacious leggings
Lo·qua·cious: talkative

One thing that’s been reinforced during pandemic life is the love for leggings.  For many, leggings became everyday apparel. For others, leggings were already worn for almost any occasion.  One thing for sure… leggings are here to stay.  Another thing… most leggings are boring!

To remedy this design deficit, we experimented at Flash-G in adapting some of my conceptual photography for leggings patterns.  While we’d successfully used the selected images for tees, we didn’t expect the results when transformed into leggings.  They are bold, and they are loquacious!

“These leggings are dope!,” said a customer who purchased a pair at our recent booth at the very popular Artists & Fleas, in Chelsea Market, in New York City.

Some customers shared photos of their leggings in action. As you see in the photos, Loquacious Leggings are for anyone who wants to brighten their wardrobe with super comfort and style. As per request, we just added leggings for men, too, and they look hot!

Leggings are available in Sm, Med, Lg, XL and run very true to size.

Loquacious Leggings are printed-on-demand, and order turnaround time is roughly two weeks.  If you’re ordering as a holiday gift, please get your orders in ASAP.

Give the gift of Wearable Art this holiday season!

Craig Gordon, photographer